Gray Matter: Ribbon Cutting for Michael McGinnis

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Come to Sebastopol Library to celebrate and meet artist Michael McGinnis of Gray Matter, the meaningful and beautiful sculpture adorning Sebastopol's exterior building facing Bodega Ave.

Penned by Mr. McGinnis:

"Gray Matter is a pun for both material and meaning. Composed of stainless steel, the work represents the mind. A library is a repository of ideas; a place for thoughts, expressions of creativity, a gathering of fact and collective knowledge, and a bastion of freedom. It is a place to come to your own conclusions through informed discovery. 

We are at a crossroads in human culture. There are two distinct paths ahead. One leads to an explosion of positive growth, where humankind learns to live within the natural environment and with one another. The other is a dark path, where freedoms are disassembled, truth is lie, and real is fake.

Gray Matter is about a positive future where the mind will overcome the madness. 

My usual sculptural work incorporates a continuous labyrinth, reminiscent of my Perplexus line of games. Typically, if you were to follow along the path of my work, changing planes at each intersection, you will trace the entirety of the sculpture's surface, front and back, and end up where you began. However, in this work, I have created a series of discrete pathways. This is closer to how the brain compartmentalizes information, and allows access to variety of processes simultaneously. Some areas are subconscious and very quick, while other are slow and at the forefront of our awareness."